5 Sci Fi Writing Prompts

5 Science Fiction Writing Prompts

Sometimes you need a good writing prompt to end writer’s block, to warm up, or just to have some fun. Here are some Sci Fi writing prompts I’ve come up with. They are freely given. Use them in any way you want! I’m basing some of these of of real recent scientific discoveries. Gotta keep up with that for good sci fi juice.

  1. Scientists have discovered a way to create human tissue from plants. The first human heart transplant is performed with this new technology, and the patient has discovered new and terrifying abilities.
  2. The ‘Time Slice’ theory turns out to be true–humans are only consciously perceiving time in blips and are unconscious most of the time. Someone has found a way to be conscious of all time, and sees that we are sharing this dimension with other beings.
  3. Another galaxy has appeared seemingly out of nowhere and is on a collision course with the Milky Way. Sentient beings from this galaxy try to communicate with us to save their galaxy and ours, but their technology is not much more advanced than our own.
  4. The search for intelligent life is finally paying off – we found several civilizations in another solar system. It turns out humans are the most advanced species. How do we treat the less developed worlds?
  5. A theoretical physicist discovers that the laws of physics are written in machine language – we are living in a simulation. He attempts to hack it, but this alerts the programmer of the universe that something is wrong.

I’d love to see what you come up with!

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