NaNoWrimo Day 14

17 more days to go and I’m 5,240 words less than where I should be today. I have no excuse, it was laziness. Sometimes I give in to the promise of a more comfortable now while I rack up debts I’ll have to pay tomorrow. In this case, it is the debt of words.

I’m on Chapter 8 now, and my goal is 20 or so chapters. I have no idea where to go from here. I didn’t plan, and I regret that. The reason I didn’t plan wasn’t laziness though. It was me not being sure that I was going to participate in Nano at all, and deciding 3 days prior that I would.

This draft has been mostly exploratory writing, which I do enjoy. I’ve written 3 books so far, this will be book number 4. All have serious structural problems and I see now that it’s because of my ignorance of the craft. The stories are solid, but not precise. Each scene is not purposeful and each joke not properly planned.

It’s OK though. I’m going to catch up, and I will keep exploring. I will get something workable out of this, at the very least. I learned a valuable lesson – I need to plot, and I need to map out key events. That said, this is fun for me. Right now, that’s good enough. Eventually, that won’t be enough. It won’t be enough to get me over the threshold from amateur to author.

Come December, I will be studying my ass off and honing my craft. I’ll be reading in my intended genre, and criticizing every story arc. I’m going to get this figured out, and publish a book. In the short term, I need to close that 5,000ish word gap and make sure I get 50,000 by November 30th.

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