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NaNoWrimo Day 22

I just hit 30,000 words which sets me about 6,000 words behind. But I had a breakthrough in my story. This entire time I’ve been worried due to lack of planning. I’ve pushed through wall after wall. I knew I had to write a climax, but I wasn’t sure what that climax should be.

A new theme naturally emerged. It is far from what I originally intended to write, but it’s much deeper and more interesting. What started as a comedy meant solely to entertain horror fans just blossomed into open rebellion against the universe. It was an accident, but I’m really excited to write with my new conclusion in mind. Perhaps exploratory writing does have it’s benefits.

That said, I wouldn’t let a shoe read this first draft. I’m positive I won’t be using most of it. But the idea is there, and that’s what I find infectious. That’s what I’ll cultivate into something not only salvageable, but engaging.

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