Word Count

NaNoWriMo Day 4

Current word count: 7,083. I’m on a good path with the plot right now. I’m pretty sure I’m going to hit a wall when I get to the middle, though. In between writing spurts and my job, I’ve been working on this website and starting some social accounts. NaNo sent out a pep talk from author Alexander Chee, and I found it very motivating.

“What makes a writer a writer? Writing. A lot of people would say ‘talent’, but talent is really just the ability to do something well that most people have to work hard at. If you don’t think you have ‘talent’, just work hard instead—the talent often comes with a cost, anyway: a lack of good work habits. The talented ones often never had to learn to work hard; so many of them don’t finish their work because they never had to—it was enough to be talented, to offer people a glimpse of what you could be. So don’t be that person—don’t be the person that everyone believes could have done something. Be the person who tried.”

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